Directions to the Hornell Model Railroad Club

Located at the Steuben County Courthouse in Hornell, New York

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The courthouse is in downtown Hornell just over 3 miles from Exit 34 of the Southern Tier Expressway (I-86 or Route 17).   It is near the intersection of Maple City Drive (Route 36) and Main Street, between Friendly's Restaurant and the Hornell Middle School.   If you have a GPS, the coordinates are: N42.32726, W77.66238

From the Elmira area:
    Take I-86 West.
    Be sure to bear right (towards Jamestown) when I-390 and I-86 split, west of Bath.
    Get off at Exit 34 S (Hornell) and follow the map and directions below.

From the Olean area:
    Take I-86 East.
    Get off at Exit 34 S (Hornell) and follow the map and directions below.

From Rochester and other points North:
    Take I-390 South to Exit 4 (the second Dansville exit).
    Turn right onto Route 36 South at the end of the exit ramp.
    Travel south through Arkport onto the four-lane section of Route 36.
    Pass under I-86 (Route 17) and follow the map and directions below.

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Here is a map of the Hornell area. We are at the "X".

HMRC_Map (710 x 531, 23.6 kilobytes)

This is "Webbs Crossing", just south of I86. Keep going south on Route 36.

010312-095627cw (749 x 500, 50.6 kilobytes)

This is downtown Hornell. You can see the courthouse behind the "Friendly's" sign. Turn right here and get ready for an immediate left.

010312-100134cw (749 x 500, 47.0 kilobytes)

If you see this view of the courthouse you missed your turn! Make three right turns and you'll wind up at the parking lot.

011123-151050w (749 x 500, 71.9 kilobytes)

Turn in here and drive between Friendly's and the Verizon store to the parking lot behind.

011126-165002w (749 x 500, 60.6 kilobytes)

If your conscience bothers you you can go in and get some ice cream.

011123-150201w (749 x 500, 44.1 kilobytes)

It's OK to park at the far end of the lot without buying any ice cream.

021031-162735w (666 x 500, 75.5 kilobytes)

Well you ARE going to the courthouse, so it must be county business....

021031-162839w (666 x 500, 49.3 kilobytes)

This is the back of the courthouse. Walk around either side to our entrance at the front.

011123-150139w (749 x 500, 69.5 kilobytes)

It doesn't look like much, but the price is right.

030201-162922w (480 x 640, 63.4 kilobytes)

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